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Creating a Faux Tin Ceiling

A faux tin ceiling can be a great addition to any room. Often, homeowners overlook ceilings, which is unfortunate. A great ceiling can add a completely new dimension to a space. Creating a faux tin ceiling is a perfect example of how to do just that.

One of the attractions of the faux tin ceiling is its ability to hide flaws or cracks in an existing ceiling. One could use genuine tin to get the job done. However, original antique tin ceiling tiles are expensive, heavy and in short supply. Modern alternatives tend to be almost too lightweight and are expensive. That is why faking the great look of tin makes so much sense.

Fortunately, creating a faux tin ceiling really is not that difficult. It involves using embossed and patterned wallpaper, paint, and crown moldings. Let us take a quick look at making an "artificial" tin ceiling.

At the center of the effort is the wallpaper. By choosing a pattern that replicates the kind of ornate patterns found in genuine tin ceiling tiles, one can end up with a perfect look. It is important to remember that the pressed tin effect is obtained primarily via the embossing of the pattern. Seek out wallpaper that boasts a heavily and markedly embossed pattern for the best look.

Painting the wallpaper after it is placed on the ceiling requires the use of a long-nap roller. This will insure that the pattern is clearly invisible and will help to prevent an accidental crushing of your chose faux tin ceiling pattern. Lighter colors tend to work better, just as they do with real tin ceilings. Some will apply an initial coat of paint and then return to apply translucent sealant paint in order to add a sense of shine to the ceiling, as well.

After the ceiling is in place and painted, one can install crown molding around the seam of the wall and ceiling. The not only covers in any "unsquare" edges, but also finalizes the look of a genuine tin ceiling. One should choose molding styles and their pain to best compliment the look of the wallpaper "tiles."

The result is often spectacular. Although a close inspection may verify that one used wallpaper and not actual tin tiles, from ground level you will have created a very realistic faux tin ceiling. This technique has a loyal following and has even been featured on popular home improvement television shows. It creates a dramatic and sophisticated effect even though it relies upon very basic supplies and techniques.

If you have ceiling issues or are simply looking for a way to improve the overall appearance of a room, you may want to start from the top down. One wonderful way of creating an attractive top space is by creating an ultra-realistic faux tin ceiling.

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