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Faking a Tin Ceiling Panel

Even years after its heyday, the tin ceiling panel retains a great deal of its popularity. Tin ceilings are an example of the kind of great design that never truly goes out of style. Although there was a brief time when some abandoned the tin look for ultra-modern drop ceilings, it was not long before tin made its comeback. Today, the tin ceiling panel is still in vogue. Homebuilders and remodelers love the look.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible (or desirable) to install an actual tin ceiling. A true, vintage tin ceiling panel can be hard to find and the old standbys are notoriously heavy (which can create some challenges for ceiling materials). Manufacturers are producing new panels, but they are often too lightweight and do not really capture the grandeur of a traditional tile ceiling. Additionally, both options are relatively expensive. Installing a tin ceiling can be a very costly venture.

Those factors have led some to concoct ways to create a faux tin ceiling and to replicate the look of tin without using a bit of metal. These fake tin ceilings use embossed wallpaper, paint, crown molding and a bit of creativity to capture the look of the classic tin ceiling without requiring the use of a single costly tin ceiling panel. It is an attractive alternative and one that deserves a closer examination.

One begins the process by using heavily embossed wallpaper featuring a pattern reminiscent of those found on a traditional tin ceiling panel. The wallpaper is laid on a properly prepared ceiling and is then painted. Usually, the phony tin is painted in a light color and it is often treated with a translucent sealant paint to create an almost shiny effect. Long-nap paintbrushes are used in order to insure that the embossed pattern is readily apparent after painting and is not inadvertently "crushed" during painting.

Once the faux tin ceiling panel collection is painted, crown molding is nestled into the joint of the wall and the ceiling. This completes the illusion. The result is a ceiling that looks suspiciously like metal even though it was made using nothing but paper. This cost-effective alternative may not pass for tin upon a very close inspection, but from the ground, it does capture much of the look of the "real deal."

If you have been interested in adding a tin ceiling to your home, but have balked at the proposition after finding out what local suppliers would charge you for tin panels, you might want to consider creating a fake tin ceiling. By using the strategy outlined in this article, you can have a magnificent ceiling that offers all of the appeal associated with tin at a fraction of the cost. You can create an above-the-head masterpiece without using a single actual tin ceiling panel.

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