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Omnipresent Tin Signs

The vintage tin sign seems almost omnipresent. One can rarely go anywhere without encountering at least one vintage tin sign along the way. They are popular home and restaurant decorations and even find their way into many offices and workplaces. What is it about these relics that makes them so popular today? Let us look at some of the reasons for vintage tin sign popularity.

Great Design and Appearance

Modern advertising and art is often quite slick and very attractive. However, there is something about the look of a vintage tin sign that creates a unique aesthetic appeal. The design and artistic strategies of those who built tin signs during their heyday is reflective of the art of the period. That can vary from the complicated and detailed looks of older signs to the vibrancy and simple boldness of later incarnations. Most of the tin sign designs that live on today in replicas are the cream of the crop from the periods in which they were made. Put simply, even though they may have been commercial creations, they are good art. They are attractive and people appreciate them on that level alone.

A Connection with History

As noted, every vintage tin sign is a product of its era. That makes each sign a historical piece, as well as an artistic one. Many people appreciate the opportunity to connect with history on some level and a tin sign gives them a chance to do that. If one has an affinity for the 1920s, for instance, a tin sign with all the markings and stylings of that decade can provide a readily apparent example of the time's look and feel. Many fans of old tin signs are historians (either professional or amateur). That should come as no surprise.

Tremendous Affordability

If one compares the price of even a genuine antique vintage tin sign and a limited edition print or lithograph from a popular artist, they will find the sign to be far less expensive. This makes it a cost effective decorating accent. Budgetary constraints will often have a strong influence on interior design decisions, and the affordability of a tin sign adds to its attractiveness with many people. Those looking for an inexpensive way to add flavor and visual excitement to a space may discover that older tin signs are a great way of reaching the desired effect.

Factors including an attractive appearance, a connection with history and remarkable cost effectiveness make vintage tin signs popular with many people. These god looking decorative pieces appear in many different homes and establishments and their popularity seemingly continues to grow with each passing year.

If you are about to embark on a decorating project, you may want to consider the use of a vintage tin sign or two! They can add a historical and antique feel to any area while keeping you well within your budget. There is nothing quite like a great vintage tin sign.

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