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Three Reasons to Consider a Tin Backsplash

Tin backsplash use is on the rise-and for good reasons! Although many kitchen builders and remodelers continue to use ceramic backsplash options, many are beginning to recognize the advantages a tin backsplash can offer. Let us look at three great reasons to consider a tin backsplash for your kitchen sink. Although this list certainly is not an exhaustive recounting of all the reasons to consider using tin in your kitchen, it does provide you with an examination of three commonly embraced rationales.

Ease of Installation

A tin backsplash is far easier to install than a ceramic alternative. One only needs a good adhesive, tin snips and a few small finishing nails to put up an attractive backsplash made of tin. There is no careful tile cutting, no caulking, and none of the other challenges presented by using ceramic materials. Tile installations are prone to errors, and individuals who lack ceramic experience may find the process daunting. Tin, on the other hand, is incredibly simple to use. Installing tin is so easy that even relatively inexperienced do-it-yourselfers can get amazing results quickly.

Awesome Appearance

There is nothing wrong with using ceramic tile. Ceramic backsplashes can be quite attractive. However, there is something uniquely appealing about the almost antique look of a tin backsplash. Often, the tin sheets used to create the backlash are quite ornate and feature beautiful patterns. Additionally, using tin really sets one apart from the much larger mass of people relying on tile for their backsplash needs. Tin lends a unique appearance that harkens back to previous eras with a touch of class and ornate sophistication that appeals to even the most discriminating aesthetes.

Cost Effectiveness

You would not guess it after looking at some of the magnificent backsplashes that have been installed in some of the nicest and most expensive homes, but tin is far less expensive than tile options. The tin itself is readily available at prices far lower than what is required for ceramics, and the cost related to installation is minimal. Tin is the perfect option for anyone looking to install a new backsplash while remaining within tight budgetary constraints. Even those with money to burn can appreciate the savings accrued by using tin over other alternatives.

Although the traditional tile backsplash is still far more commonly used, factors including ease of installation, a wonderful antique appearance and overall cost effectiveness are leading many remodelers to consider the addition of a tin backsplash to the new kitchen sink! Tin is a great way to add an air of refinement to a kitchen easily and without breaking the bank.

Tile may be hanging in there, but right now; it looks like "tin is in." If you are considering a new kitchen, or would like to give your current kitchen a facelift, you might want to consider using a tin backsplash

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